Prompt 5. Where you can buy cards "Gifts of Color" in paper version

Cards "Gifts of Color," made in compact printed form, are convenient to carry with you and use for individual work with color as a resource tool and as a "first aid kit" in complex psycho emotional states.

Component parts:

1. Number of cards in set 57:

− 48 cards with primary colors (4 cards for each of the 12 primary colors)

− 5 cards with additional colors:

white color

black color

gold color

silver color

pearl color

2. Rainbow Card

3. 3 color palette options for meditation with color

4. Description and instruction for individual work

5. Storage bag

Characteristics and Design:

the size of the cards is 7.5x11 cm; double-sided lamination; packaging: bag.

agreed individually

You can order a set of cards "Gifts of Color" here or use contact information:

tel.: +7-916-888-90-80