3.1 Color as a resource to realize your intention.

If you have a specific desire (intention) but now you don't have enough opportunities to realize that or you just have no idea how to do it, try to appeal to the Color. By the way, color vibrations will let you open the door to unlimited resources of human possibilities and reach a new level of understanding and trust yourself.

Before you start working, take the cards in your hands and think about your request, try to formulate it most clearly and unambiguously. Pay attention to your feelings, try to imagine how you will feel when your desire is fulfilled.

Open the main page and feel the way you want to choose a card: closed (Random,cards are on the desktop with pictures down) or open (Gallery, cards are lined with pictures up). Open the selected page with cards and focus your attention on your request. Let yourself spontaneously choose the color from the deck that will give you the resource to realize your intention. With the left mouse button click on one of the cards and having enlarged it with the second click, look at the front side.

You can save the selected cards immediately so that by the end of the practice you have the opportunity to look at the "way" that you went in this therapy once again. Analyze something or make sense of your work.

If you’ve chosen the card from the main set, read what color qualities are written on it. Feel the realization of which of the three offered qualities will make you stronger, calmer, more confident, more flexible, wiser, etc.? Look at the mandala, if it is pleasant for your sight, stay in contact with it for a while.

In order to get a resource from a selected color, you need to do a little meditation with that color. You can just imagine it mentally with your eyes closed. You can look at the selected color on the card itself or on a special color palette. Let yourself relax and release your expectations if it is possible, and mentally fill with this color.
You can see the color easily with your eyes closed or just imagine it: it doesn't matter. The most important thing is that you are supposed to feel how you interact with it. You can inhale color or swim in it, fly, dance; release control, thoughts and just enjoy the color vibrations. Perhaps your imagination will offer you some pictures or take you to memories, just let it happen. Dispose yourself to the fact that this color will help you realize the entirety of the chosen quality in your life easily and freely. Pay attention to your emotions and body sensations during this meditation

If you have chosen one of the five additional cards, so at first before the meditation read prompts what qualities this color is associated with in the human psyche. Filling yourself with them, mentally adjust to the fact that the chosen color will help you realize these qualities in life.

If you chose the Rainbow card, just imagine the beautiful rainbow over you and feel the colors you need most right now. As if the world tells you, "Your possibilities are unlimited!." Relax and trust the interaction with color and Rainbow. You can use the text Meditations Rainbow.

After you finish the meditation with the selected color, feel what new senses have appeared in the body, what has changed in your condition. Listen to yourself if you need to continue your work and do meditation with other colors. If there is an internal requirement, repeat the procedure several times.

After such work there is an internal transformation: tangible or elusive, but the state of a man changes towards trust to himself and confidence. Some events that are happening in your life and events that will be happening in the future, all those things will do you good!

3.2 Working with the Problem Situation or Condition

Perhaps there are situations or conditions in your life that cause some negative feelings. Color vibrations can give you new opportunities to overcome discomfort and help you cope with the difficulties of life.

Think about your problem and try to formulate most accurately and briefly what exactly causes negative feelings. Try to determine in points on a 10-point scale how difficult your condition is now (0- not difficult at all, 10 - maximum difficulty). Switch your attention inside and feel how thoughts about negative conditions reflect on your body in the places of discomfort.
Open any version of the color palette, look at it with a calm and scattered look. Think about your problem, feel which color attracts your attention. If you shift your attention to your body sensations, you will notice that they become stronger and more unpleasant depending on how long you look at the selected color. Through these sensations, the body tells you what color disturbances are the source of your problem. Figuratively speaking, this color in your body is "sick." So, you need to choose a "treatment" for him. It means that you need to find some "treatment" for this color. And this treatment can be found in other colors.

Formulate in your own words the intention for the work in which you mentally make a request to heal an existing situation or condition, to reduce the level of tension associated with this and to obtain a resource that will help you to get along with the existing problem in the best way. Now you have an intention that you will work with.

Next, follow the steps described in Color as a Resource to Realize Intention.

Addition to work with a problem situation or condition

For this practice, you may need several colors as a "treatment." After finishing work with the first color, evaluate what has changed internally, by how many points is your problem now difficult for you? If points decrease slightly, continue working, each time choosing a new card and doing meditation with the chosen color, until you feel that the level of internal tension has decreased significantly (became less than 5 points).

After finishing work with the help of "healing" colors, return to the color palette where you initially selected the color associated with your problem. Have a calm look at it again and compare your body sensations before and after work - this is an additional check. If the color that you have defined for yourself as "sick" no longer causes you unpleasant sensations in the body or they have decreased, then we can say that the transformation process has occurred in the body, a new program has been created that will help to cope with the current problem.

Do not forget that sincere gratitude to yourself, to your body, consolidates the successful result of work and allows you to release the remains of internal tension.

3.3 Rainbow Meditation Therapy

The Rainbow can also be used as an independent tool to heal undesirable states. Rainbow meditation is a simple exercise which is nevertheless a rather strong resource therapy.

To do this exercise you need to take a comfortable position, place your hands palms up on both sides of you and imagine that from one palm to another a Rainbow is appearing over your head. You can say in your mind: "I invite the Rainbow to my place." Then express the intention: "I accept (invite) that color from the Rainbow that,first of all, I need now, the color that will provide support in solving my problem."

The rainbow contains the whole spectrum of colors, and therefore the whole spectrum of positive emotional states. Your body can spontaneously choose the wave range that it now needs to create a healing program in the form of new neural connections in the nervous system. By inviting Rainbow or any individual color, we open our minds to positive changes. It does not matter whether we see color with a mental eye or simply represent it, our intention works.

After finishing work with one color, you can ask Rainbow to send as many more colors as the body needs and consistently monitor their work in the body, controlling changes in their state. We finish the work with gratitude.

Let your life fulfill with the brightest colors revealed through your feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions!