Prompt 2.1 About the cards “Gifts of Color”

Cards "Gifts of Color" will help you to fill your life with color emotions and feelings. They can be used for individual work with color as a resource tool based on art therapy techniques.

Complete set:
1. Number of cards in set 56:
− 48 cards with primary colors (4 cards for each of the 12 primary colors)
− 5 cards with additional colors:
  • white color
  • black color
  • gold color
  • silver color
  • pearl color
2. Rainbow Card
3. 4 color palette options for color meditation (Prompt 4)

2.2 Main 12 Colors

The basis for creating these maps was the spectral color circle. The name itself says that the spectrum is a kind of thing closed into a ring so that the colors flow smoothly into each other in a circle, and then an additional color is created between the red and purple colors: magenta. This ring-closed spectrum is divided into 12 segments, each of which can be considered as a separate color. These colors are called:

scarlet, red, orange, yellow, olive, green, turquoise, blue, indigo, violet, lilac, magenta.

We can say that each color activates certain qualities in our consciousness which reveal themselves at all levels of our lives as archetypes both physical and mental.
Thus a person receives a resource for solving various life tasks by interacting with the color. Any color affects not only the visual system, but also takes a  direct participation in the activation of our brain, in the excitation of those neural networks that take part in complex mental and intellectual processes, increasing the level of human adaptation. In other words, color vibration is a natural way to change one's consciousness, and as a result one's condition.

There are three qualities written on the map with basic colors which this color is connected with in the psyche of a person. In the center of the map there is an image of a mandala made according to the method of Ursula Irrgang. Each mandal matches the concepts (color qualities) that are written on the map, so mandals also carry information about the color.

2.3 Additional colors and their meaning:

White color is an extension of consciousness. In the human psyche it is connected with discovery, distribution,  demonstration, movement outside. White includes all colors, but they must be "revealed." Maybe it's time to eliminate restrictions and approve yourself in some areas of your life.

Black color is a journey inside yourself. In the human psyche, it is associated with acceptance, mystery, undetected, movement inside, into the depths of his subconscious. Try going there with black and perhaps you 'll find the resource that you need so much now.

Golden color is unconditional inherent worth. In the human psyche, it is connected with the truth, which is born deep in the heart. This color helps to connect with its innermost essence, with the unlimited wisdom of its supreme aspect of consciousness. Stay in the golden light and it will be easy for you to make the right choice in any life situation.

Silver color is the basis of Life, creativity in harmony with the Supreme Order. In the human psyche it is connected with vital space, harmonious connections, immunity: "There's a place for everything, and everything in its place." This color helps to create such an order in your life when everything happens in the right way for you and everything is on time. Feel what aspect of your life needs that order.

Pearl color - its shimmers- is a game of subtle vibrations of color and light in the rays of the sun. This color connects us with the concept of natural, divine beauty and harmony. Feel what aspect of your life is disbalanced right now, what aspect needs to be healed by beauty and fill it with a pearlescent glow.

4 Rainbow card

The rainbow is the whole set of color vibrations that the living Light gives us. The rainbow contains the whole spectrum of colors including the whole spectrum of positive emotional states, and you can intuitively choose the wave range that is required now to get a resource. Inviting Rainbow and spontaneously choosing a single color, you open your consciousness towards positive changes.That's why Rainbow is the freedom to choose and show yourself in this world.